Hoarder by Nature

My dad is a hoarder, my uncles are hoarders, so it’s only natural that I am carrying on the hoarding… “collecting” anything from Pop culture, video games, audio and other gadgets and random vintage bits. This is why I love thrift shopping… and it is also why I shouldn’t go thrifty shopping. But I can’t help myself, if Neo saw the world in code, I see storage spaces like a Tetris board ready to be filled with “stuff”…

Every Dollar Counts

What can I say… I’m a tight arse. My partner knows that not only am I awesome at finding bargains, I simply can’t resist a saving. Why buy something for $20 + $8 postage, when I can find it for $25 with FREE post. That $3 saving is 3 days worth of my morning 7-Eleven coffee. Head over to the HCBargain page…


Limited time coupons, long term coupons, small savings, big savings. I’ll share anything I come across for you to save some moola.


As I love a good deal, if I stumble across one I’ll be sharing that too. If I can take advantage of a saving, then hopefully someone else can!


I’ll share tips and recommendations such as cashback sites which will earn you some pocket change during your shopping sprees.

Funko Pop Vinyl

I have a slight obsession with Pop Vinyl collectables, my collection isn’t as much as some hardcore collectors out there but my collection is sizeable. I’ve been collecting a little over 2 years now, my first purchase was back in February 2018 (Anti-Venom # 100) and I have lost track of how many I have. I’m gradually sorting through them, photographing and keeping a repository online. Checkout the gallery and also my Instagram for a bit of Funko fun.

Car Boot Sales

Being a hoarder it’s only natural that I have collecting many wonderful (and not so wonderful) goodies over the years. I’m going through a phase of trying to reduce the amount of clutter around the house. So in an effort to appease my loved ones and the greater extent myself… I’ll be listing all the items I no longer require on this page and also my eBay account. Most listings will only have “1 in stock” and once it sells that’s it! All genuine offers welcomed.