A familty trait which I have in spades... unfortunately I have also raked up lots of material goodies over the years. But let's be honest, we all have some degree of hoarding in our genes. In an effort to improve as a human, I'm working up the courage to offload my unused goods that are sitting in boxes and in storage. Follow my eBay page or the Car Boot section as I will update these with my excess wares!
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Bargain Hunter
I'm an avid online shopper, what I love more than getting a parcel is finding a bargain... as saving money means being able to buy something else! Check out my blog, where I will post coupons or bargains I come across.
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Pop Culture
Call it being a nerd or a geek, I have an appreciation for Pop Culture and have been collecting Funko Pop Vinyls figures (amongst other goodies) for the past 2 years. Check out my Instagram and Funko pages for some Funko fun.
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