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HOARDER by nature

The gene runs in my family, not only do I like new and shiny things, I have an appreciation for vintage wares.

My hoarding love is mainly video games, gadgets and Funko Pop Vinyl. But have been known to pick up things that are quirky and unique.

This is one reason Op shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, not necessarily to buy anything, but just to browse and spot something I’ve never seen before…

gadgets & video games

I’m a nerd at heart and having 3 kids doesn’t allow me much time to get lost in gaming or try out a lot of new gadgets. Doesn’t stop me from investing in them though, my backlog of games is probably into triple digits at the moment! I usually know within an hour of starting a game whether I will enjoy it or not.

Check out my Reviews section for my take on some of the latest games and gadgets.

Vintage toys & games

I love Op shopping as recycling used goods is a great way to help the environment… it is also a great way to find those unique and collectable pieces to add to your collection.

Check out my eBay store as I will be regularly listing items as part of my collection for sale.

Bargain hunter

I’m one to spend hours scouring the internet to save $1! I’ll share the bargains for anyone to take advantage of.

low stock deals

Some deals I stumble across are in limited quantities and sure to sell fast! Follow me on Twitter as this is where I’ll post these deals.

limited time!

Some deals are flash sales which would be too good to miss, check out my Twitter handle for some of these deals.

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