eBay 21st Birthday

Since they launched they have become the ‘kings’ of the online marketplace. Essentially monopolising the industry for second hand sellers and to an extent, retailers who either operate solely online or established business that want to advertise their wares to the millions of shoppers that search eBay every day.

A couple of days ago eBay turned 21 and to mark the occasion, eBay launched a massive discount campaign which features a 21% discount code which applies to ‘eligible items’ and also various mini deals and ‘deals of the day’ such as Nintendo Switch for $385 delivered.

One of the other benefits during this promotion is all eBay Plus purchases are automatically to Express Post. Although I did purchase something yesterday and it was sent ‘standard’ by the seller which I’m a little annoyed by.

Anywho, the be eligible to participate in any of the deals you are required to sign up to eBay Plus membership which costs $49 per year. If you haven’t signed up then you will be eligible for a 30 day free trial. They are always running sign-up specials so keep eye out on current offers.

As an example, I signed up a few months ago where I received a $50 eBay gift card, so in essence I received eBay Plus for free.

I’ll post details of the coupon code and any other deals in seperate posts.

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