Optimus Prime that actually Transforms… Just take my Money!!

Announced a few hours ago at the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest event, one of the products which will have peoples chins waging is the transforming Optimus Prime… literally moves and transforms via voice commands or a mobile app. Optimus stands at an imposing 19″ when in his robot form, 25 voice commands, 80 odd sound effects and his customary battle axe and blaster. This really tugs at my inner kid and takes me back to watching Optimus kick Decepticon butts even when the odds were stacked against him and the Autobots.

Due for release in August 2021 and the US RRP is $699, so if it hits Australian retailers I’d take a guess that the RRP will be around $995. This is one collectable that I need to make sure I conveniently lose my debit cards and Paypal login details…

Head over to the product page for some more images, a full product description and a video of Optimus in action.

YouTube Link to the Pulse Fan Fest Event

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