Latest PS5 Update Allows Storing of PS5 Games on an External Drive… Finally!

I love the PS5, it’s a fantastic next generation console which pushes the limits and I genuinely feel that there is now a distinct difference between Sony and Microsoft’s Xbox. More on this later!

One of my biggest gripes though with the console was the inability to install PS5 games on an external hard drive. With the size of games these days, it was virtually impossible to keep a decent library of games on the PS5 with the 1TB drive. But now as announced via the PlayStation blog, the feature will be switched on with April’s system update.

I had FIFA 21, COD Cold War, Demon Souls installed and couldn’t fit an install of NBA 2k21. Although I may play some games more than others, the choice of which game to uninstall to make space for a new install of frustrating. Especially as NBA was over 100gb, if I only wanted a quick game I didn’t want to have to spend an hour installing, then uninstall if I wanted to setup any new games I bought.

The feature of installing games onto an external drive should have been a day one function… So although it has taken 6 months it is definitely a very welcomed feature to the PS5.

Obviously the drawback is the games will only load as fast as the speed of the external drive, but I would now save up and invest in a decent SSD instead of using the PlayStation game drive even though it has served me very well over the years!

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