PS5 Secondary Market Madness!

Pre-orders for the PS5 started from 8am this morning at eB Games and in the past few hours you had other retailers like JB Hifi, Sony, Big W, Harvey Norman and Amazon opening up pre-orders on their websites. No doubt there will be others very soon such as Gamesmen and Target.

They are selling like hot cakes but that is what is expected for a brand new next gen console due for release.

The one thing which I would implore to everyone is try and search for the console first, simply Google ‘PS5 console Australia’ and a plethora of links will come up on who has it for sale.

There are already people who have pre-ordered and have listed it on eBay for sale at a ridiculous mark-up, around the $1,100 mark is the current standard.

A lot of places have disclaimers saying pre-orders don’t guarantee you will receive the console on launch day or the initial shipment… odds are the people who are trying to flip the “launch edition” have the same messages from where they bought it.

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