Xbox Series X Per-Order with Telstra, $49 Per Month (or $33 for XBSS)

Telstra have a pretty good offer if you are an existing Telstra pre-paid customer. From earlier today you can jump on a monthly plan to through Telstra. The offer is:

$49 per month for 24 months (min cost $1,104), which includes the Xbox Series X console and 24 months access to Xbox All Access (Gamepass). On top of this, you are given 30,000 Telstra points.

The great thing about this deal is that you don’t need to drop $799 cash up front, you are essentially paying the console off monthly without any interest.

The offer is also extended to the Xbox Series S, very similar to the above except $33 per month, 24 months of Xbox All Access and 20,000 Telstra points, contract term is 24 months.

Either way it is a great deal if you are an existing Telstra post-paid customer.

If you aren’t a Telstra customer, you will need to sign up to one of their post paid mobile plans to be eligible to sign up to the offer.

Link to Telstra’s Offer

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